Complex Sentences

September 16th, 2015 by Mr Edwards
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This week in English, we have been investigating complex sentences. To check that your login works for our blogging Computing lessons, please comment with a complex sentence below.

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Hey guys!

November 17th, 2014 by LucyP 6E

Hi , I am really bored this lunchtime so I decided to check the blog but seems no one has posted or replied since we left. Just wanted to know how everyone is getting on at school.I’m  really enjoying it at stroud but am sooooooo tired from the early mornings!I have made loads of friends at SHS and like most of the lessons. So if you find this plz reply! Lucy


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Short infomation text about dogs

August 4th, 2014 by Taylor 6E
Dogs are amazing animals they can be friendly or vicious! However, all Dogs are vicious in a way because if you keep irritating them and getting close to their faces they could bite you! There are many different breeds of Dogs for example; German shepherds, collies, Greyhounds, Dalmatians and many more. These amazing animals can smell and hear better than humans because our ears can’t pick up really high or low sounds. Dogs are quite like humans because humans and dogs both eat, drink, sleep and are obedient. Dogs unlike most humans are colour blind (meaning they can only see black, white, grey and other dark colours). I hope this short information text helped you to understand more about dogs.
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Goalkeeper Geek

August 4th, 2014 by Isaac 6E

Ben was, in short, a goalkeeper geek. He dreamed of being an English World Cup finalist and saving a winning goal. All he thought about was football. Every second of every minute, every minute of every hour, every hour of every day and every day of every year.

One night he was in bed staring at a poster of his hero: Manuel Neuer saving a shot in the World Cup 2014 final. He dreamed of him doing it and being well-known all over the world as a winner of the Golden Glove and the best goalkeeper in the world. When he finally went to sleep, he dreamt about saving the winning penalty and winning the World Cup.

The next day was his birthday. For his birthday he got a pair of Predator Zones Pro goalie gloves, an Official World Cup 2014 Brazuca football and a Manuel Neuer World Cup 2014 football kit. The next day was the last day of training and Ben’s team had a World Cup 2014 Opening party.

Everyone turned up in there World Cup kits. “Few,” Ben thought “I’m so glad I got the kit yesterday otherwise I’d be stuck”. After the party they had a World Cup final. Ben and his best friend, Joe Mart (who was nicknamed ‘Joe Hart’ after England’s goalkeeper), were in goal. Ben’s team won when it came down to penalties. “It felt just like my dream last night!” he exclaimed to Joe after the match.

When he got home, his dad told him to close his eyes and go to the living room because there was a special birthday surprise. So he did it and when he got there, there was, in front of him, five tickets to the… “WORLD CUP 2014 FINALS!” he exclaimed like he had just won a million pounds in the lottery. His dad said “The tickets are for you, mum, Joe, Joe’s mum and I. The tickets are to see the Germany against Argentina game.” Ben suddenly thought a bit worried because, besides England, Ben supported Germany. Whereas Joe supported Argentina.

A week before the match, the two family’s set of to Brazil. The game they were seeing was in Manaus. They got to Manaus two days later. It was a very long, hot journey, but once they had got there, it felt worth it. The World Cup vibe, which stretched all the way from the north to the south, was enough to make the hair on Ben’s arm stick up.

The match was brilliant and unexpectedly, Germany won. It was the best day of his life because he saw, got a photo and an autograph (on his gloves) from Manuel Neuer. At the end of it all, Ben and Joe knew that they had the best story to tell their friends at school.

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My lazy pony

August 4th, 2014 by Rebecca 6E

I have a lazy pony called Merlin,Merlin can be very silly some days and because he is that lazy I rode him in a sand school on Saturday and he was being naughty and then he started grunting like a pig true.Most of the time  I go and get him to bring him he always has his fly mask of or his fly rug hanging of but if it is not any of them Merlin`s rug will be ripped.When I take Merlin on a hack he walks so slowly it is also super hard to get him in a trot even a walk!Some days my pony can be really a good boy but then the other times he can be a pain in the butt I only fell of Merlin once at a show I was aiming for a jump then he turned left when we were supostoo go forward and the next thing I know I was on the floor.Merlin is only young he is turning 6 this year so why is he lazy? That’s what I don’t understand.Merlin got my mum off to me that was a shock I was at the Isle of wight with the school so I didn’t see it anoyling  they were cantering through a field and my mum gave him the reins then mum was on the floor after 6 bucks.Sometimes having a lazy pony can be alright aspeshaly if you lost your confidence like me.

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Mr and Mrs Rat bag!

August 4th, 2014 by Rosie 6E

Mr & Mrs Rat bag

Have you ever seen a really hairy faced man in your life? One with spikes of hair growing out from every direction. One with food trapped inside the hairs for weeks, as hairy men don’t tend to wash. A man covered in so much greasy dark, rough hair, looks like a jungle. Mr Rat bag was one of these hairy men. He was short and fat, with grey locks flowing down his face like a waterfall. And what I want to know is this…how often do these hairy men wash their faces? Is it only once a week, on Sunday nights? Do they shampoo it or use conditioner? Or do they do it in front of the bathroom mirror, with a pair of nail scissors? The answer is…never, not even on Sundays! As a result, and because Mr Rat bag never washes, there is always some sort of snack berried in the hairs of his face: tin sardines, mushroom and chocolate soup, chicken and toffee surprise and all the other disgusting things Mr Rat bag liked to eat. Whenever you see a hairy man, which will probably be as soon as you step out on to the street, watch closely as he eats because you will see even if he opens his mouth wide he cannot fit a spoonful of whatever he is eating, without leaving some of it around the hairs. Mr Rat bag didn’t even bother to open his mouth wide! This meant he never went hungry. Now, enough about Mr Rat bag, let me introduce you to Mrs Rat bag. 

Mrs Rat bag, now she didn’t have a hairy face and it’s a pity she didn’t because that at any rate would have hidden some of her fearful ugliness. Mrs Rat bag was a nasty piece off work.  She had pale, ghostly skin, brightened up by the red pussy spots she had. Her face was chubby and round, with beady little eyes, staring right at you, making you feel scared. In her right she carried a walking stick. She use to tell people that this was because she had warts growing on her foot and walking was pain full. But the real reason she carried a walking stick was because she liked to hit things, such as cats, dogs and small children! Her clothes Mrs Rat bag’s clothes were all the same. She didn’t have bright and colourful clothes; it was the opposite.  She only owned dull, grey and black long dresses. Her shoes were pointy and always the colour of dog muck. Now, Mrs Rat bag had quite a nice face when she was younger, but the ugliness grew upon her year by year. If you have good thoughts you will be beautiful, if you have bad thoughts you will be hideous. Mrs Rat bag always had bad thoughts. You could have a wonky nose, a crooked mouth, a double chin and stick out teeth, but if you have good thoughts they will shine out of your face like sun beams. Nothing shone out of Mrs Rat bag’s face!  Enough about these nasty people, let’s get on with the story!

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Farewell, 6E!

July 24th, 2014 by Mr Edwards

It’s the end of our last day; the corridors and classrooms are echoing, and I’m contemplating how to get lots of booze, chocolate and assorted gifts safely home! Thank you.

Thank you for being a wonderful class. Your enthusiasm and kind, caring nature make my job an absolute pleasure. I will miss each and every one of you (some more than others :-p), but there always comes a time to move on and I am sure you will love your time at secondary school!

CaptureRemember, you are welcome to post on here and stay in touch over the holidays, so long as you’re still safe and kind with your comments – I can ban people now! :-p

I wish you all an enjoyable summer, full of fun, family, friends and sunshine. You will always be welcome in my classroom.

Mr Edwards

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Goalkeeper review 4- Júlio César

July 17th, 2014 by Isaac 6E


Name: Júlio César

Height: 1.86m (6′ 1”)

Weight: 80 kg (176 lb)Image result for julio cesar

Born: September 3, (age 34)

Position: Goalkeeper

Team: Toronto FC

Júlio César saves a kick from Ronaldo

Júlio César is a Brazilian professional footballer who plays as a goalkeeper for English club Queens Park Rangers and the Brazilian national team. He has won over 80 international caps, and appeared at both the 2010 FIFA World Cup and the 2014 FIFA World Cup. His strengths are saving close range shots and saving long shots. His weakness is long passing.

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The Adventures of Flykachu

July 17th, 2014 by Isaac 6E

Flykachu lived in the attic of a human. This human was called Jimmy. Jimmy lived on his own. But, not for long.

One day, Jimmy adopted a child. It was a boy called Tom. He loved to play outside in the field where he would: make dens out of sticks and leaves; climb trees (pretending they were mountains) and search for bugs.

On one of these searches -in the attic- was –when he discovered Flykachu. Flykachu wasn’t your ordinary fly, when you touch him, he sends a little shot of electric into your blood. Tom was feeling around the dark, dusty attic when he got a shock.

Screaming, like he had just saw a ghost, Tom ran downstairs to his new dad. “Dad! Dad! I just saw a Flykachu!” Tom’s dad had told him imaginary stories of a Flykachu that was electric. “No you haven’t. There’s no such thing. Don’t wind me up.” They argued for a while but, as Tom had expected, his Dad didn’t believe him.

That night, Tom felt determined to prove to Dad that he really did see a Flykachu and he wasn’t going mad. So, he slipped out of bed and headed into the attic. Tom spotted the bright, blue glow in the corner of the attic and walked towards it. Sitting quietly on Dad’s dusty old dusty table was Flykachu. He flew onto Tom’s hand and, not like last time, Flykachu didn’t give Tom a shock. Flykachu’s can actually chose to shock someone or something depending on if it feels threatened.

The next morning, Tom showed Flykachu to his farther whereas, he still didn’t believe Tom. Tom didn’t know what to do so, he put Flykachu back and went up to his room to do his homework.

Tom thought and thought and thought. Finally, he knew what to do, he got a metal pole from out of the garage and stuck it in the ground. When he called his Dad outside, he told Flykachu to sit on the pole. To his Dad’s amazement, the pole glowed and the ground around it went black. However, dad still didn’t believe him.

His next idea was to take Dad up into the attic and show him Flykachu’s glowing body. So he took Dad upstairs and showed him Flykachu. But, again, Dad just thought that it was a light.

Tom didn’t know what to do? So, he went to his secret hideout (a small wooden tree house, which was hidden in the biggest oak tree in the woods). He sat there, next to the Flykachu and thought. How can I convince my Dad to believe me? He wondered and wondered what to do. Eventually, he came to the conclusion that he would just tell his Dad.

So he went up to his Dad -who was making tea- and told him what he had been trying to tell him all day. “I really did see a Flykachu, Dad,” he said. “Alright Tom I believe you,” Dad replied. Tom pulled his Dad into a tight hug.

They lived together (with the Flykachu) for the rest of their lives and every night the three of them would sit in the tree house and watch the stars go by as another day came.

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Mario Götze.

July 17th, 2014 by Rhys 6E

Things about Mario Götze.

Mario Götze is a football player.He plays for 2 teams Germany and FC Bayern Munich.Mario Götze is my favorite player.I was so happy he scored the winning goal against Argentina.He was burn on the  June 3, 1992. He is 22 years old  and he just won the World Cup for Germany.His height is 1.76 m.His Salary is 7 million EUR.His number is 19 his position is Center Attacking Midfielder .

Image result for mario götze

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Goalkeeper review 3- Joe Hart

July 17th, 2014 by Isaac 6E


Height: 1.96m (6′ 5”)Joe Hart - Manchester City News, Transfer Talk & Gossip | TEAMtalk

Weight: 91 kg (201 lb)

Born: April 19, 1987 (age 27)

Position: Goalkeeper

Team: Manchester City

Joe Hart

Joe Hart goalkeeper playing for Manchester City

Hart was nominated for the PFA Young Player of the Year in 2010 but lost out to eventual new team-mate at Manchester City, James Milner but was voted as the Premier League goalkeeper of the 2009-10 season in recognition of his performances at Birmingham City. He returned to Manchester City for the 2010–11 season and won the Golden Glove for keeping the most clean sheets throughout the Premier League season. In the 2014 World Cup he got chosen to be England national goalkeeper over Ben Foster (who is number 13) and Fraser Foster (who is number 22).

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The Adventures of Squidgy and Squirt

July 17th, 2014 by Isaac 6E

Squidgy and Squirt lived in an old tattered caravan just off the coast of Canada. There was nothing unusual about them- apart from the fact they were both monkeys. Every day they went out and searched for some juicy bananas to eat. But, they were getting very short of bananas.

One day they were out searching when Squidgy spotted something. “Look! What’s that!” he exclaimed. In the distance,  there was a glowing light reflecting of Banana Mountain (it was called this because it looked unusually like a banana) like a mirror.

They ventured towards it like a tiger stalking it’s prey. When they got close enough, Squirt spotted a small door that only monkeys could fit through. “Let’s go in,” Squirt whispered in a low toned voice. “No we can’t. It’s too dangerous!” They kept on arguing for a few minutes. But, to save your ears, I kept it short.

Once they had gone in, it became very dark and they could hardly see. Squirt felt along the floor and found a torch. They saw, along the corridor, a great oak door and ,like Indiana Jones would do, they headed towards it to see what was behind. When they got there, they saw a glow coming from behind.

Behind the door was a huge room which was full of bananas. “That’s why it’s called banana mountain!” Squirt exclaimed. Squidgy and Squirt both jumped up and down with happiness and then they saw it. But, sitting temptingly in the middle of all the bananas was a golden banana. It was the most beautiful thing that they had ever seen. They both went for it at once and after a long fight they agreed to half it and they each had a piece each.

When they got back they knew that they didn’t have to worry anymore about getting bananas because every week they could go back to the mountain to get more.

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My Dad has gone nuts

July 17th, 2014 by Max 6E

When my Dad came back from work yesterday, he was dressed in a monkey suit.

My mum was a bit worried . My dad was trying to say whats wrong but she couldn’t understand . Some time later my dad told me do you want to go apple picking but he took my to a desert.

When I came back from school the house was full of monkeys.

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The 2014 FIFA World Cup Final.

July 17th, 2014 by Rhys 6E

Hello and welcome to the 2014 FIFA World Cup Final Germany VS Argentina.The  Argentina Manager is Freddie the Flamingo.The German Manager is Allan the Alien.So we Kick off in Brazil and Götze slipped over all ready.10 minutes in  Messi crosses one in to Agüero BANG! OW THAT HURT said Agüero.That must of hurt his face.And the World Cup goes to Germany because it was Germany:1  Argentina:0.Good bye we hope you enjoyed the World Cup Final.

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I don’t know

July 17th, 2014 by Sophie 6E
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  When I was asked by Mr Edwards to write a funny story I didn’t know what to do because I am not good at writing funny stories. What does funny mean?  Does it mean I have to write about a clown, jokes or a Josh and Marshall duo? So, what is funny? I guess everyone finds something funny .Is funny something that makes you laugh or smile? I find lots of things funny but how do you turn them into a story? For me, it always sounds awkward, no matter what I do, it never looks right.  I guess I’m just not the funny type, but I know who is: Marshall and Josh. So if you want something funny,  go to them, not me!

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Goalkeeper review 2- Jasper Cillissen

July 17th, 2014 by Isaac 6E


Height: 1.87m (6′ 2”)Burgerlijke staat: ongehuwd

Weight: 82 kg (181 lb)

Born: April 22, 1989 (age 25)

Position: Goalkeeper

Team: Ajax

Jasper Cillessen

Jasper Cillessen at the FIFA World Cup 2014

In May 2011, he received his first call-up for the Dutch national team. He made his international debut in 2013 and was the country’s first-choice goalkeeper at the 2014 FIFA World Cup. His first World Cup appearance was in 2010 and he is yet to save a penalty shot in a shootout.

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Goalkeeper review 1- Manuel Neuer

July 17th, 2014 by Isaac 6E


Name: Manuel Peter Neuer

Height: 1.93m (6′ 4”)

Manuel NEUER

Weight: 92kg (203 lb)

Born: March 27, 1986 (age 28)

Position: Goalkeeper

Team: FC Bayern München

Manuel Neuer at the World Cup 2014 Semi-finals

Manuel Neuer, who plays for FC Bayern München and Germany’s national team, is famous for his unique playing style and quick reflexes, excellent shot-stopping abilities and accurate distribution of the ball. Neuer won the FIFA World Cup 2014 (with his national team) and the Golden Glove for being the best goalkeeper in the tournament. He is my favorite goalkeeper over Jasper Cillissen- who plays for Netherlands.

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July 17th, 2014 by Sophie 6E

Is this cute or scary i want to know what you think.What do you think?

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July 17th, 2014 by JoeW 6E

LEGO® is one of the most wide spread toys in the world. It all starts as some tiny plastic granules that are melted down too a liquid and poured into molds shaped into LEGO® bricks and sold to many different stores world wide. Series’  include Agents, Indiana Jones, Harry Potter and even Sponge Bob. Even though it is VERY expensive, it is also great quality and really fun to play with. You can buy it from most stores everywhere. I only recently got a huge set of LEGO® Technic. It,s a large pick up truck truck/ recovery truck. My brother (who many people in my class will know) and I haven’t built it yet and we’ve had it for a few days. I think, there are going to be many more themes and I am looking forward to telling you about them when they come out! Bye for now.   🙂

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July 17th, 2014 by Rosie 6E

Guess what my favourite colour is? 😉 Nearly all my wardrobe is filled with pink clothes and accessories! Pink is my favourite colour because it is girly, pretty and bright and cheerful. I wish there was a day where everyone had to wear only pink to School-that would be really easy for me, but not the boys! 😀 Not only are all my clothes pink, but all my make up, too. My room as well is also pink; to make it fully pink I just need to paint the walls bright hot pink. I just LOVE the colour PINK! 😛

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MV St. Faith and MV St. Helen

July 17th, 2014 by Robin 6E

MV St Faith (Left) and MV St Helen (Right)

MV St. Faith is a St-Class ferry operated by Wightlink. She is 77 meters long and 17 meters wide. Like all of the other St-Class ferries, she operates on the Portsmouth – Fishbourne route.  MV St. Faith can carry 772 passengers, 142 cars and 12 lorries/coaches. She is the second youngest of the St-Class ferries, after St. Clare.

On 28th May 2010, St. Faith rammed the side of the dock in Portsmouth. This injured two passengers and breached the lower hull. Luckily, the ship didn’t sink, and the passengers got better quickly. On 30th May 2014, a lovely bunch of children from Cricklade went to the Isle of Wight on St. Faith.

MV St Helen is also a St-Class ferry, also operated by Wightlink. She is 75 meters long and 17 meters wide, making her almost identical to St. Faith. She also operates on the Portsmouth – Fishbourne route. She can accommodate 769 passengers, 142 cars and 11 lorries/ coaches.

    She was the largest Isle of Wight ferry until St. Clare entered service in 2001. On 4th July 2014 a wonderful group of children went home to Cricklade onboard St. Helen.

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The Tragedy of R.M.S Titanic

July 17th, 2014 by Robin 6E

Today, you will hear of a legend. A disaster that would change the world forever.

It starts in 1903. Two large ships, named Lusitania and Mauretania were ordered by Cunard Line. They were to be the biggest liners ever made. Cunard Line’s biggest rival, White Star Line, decided to combat this by making three ships that were even larger. Henceforth, Olympic, Titanic and Britannic were ordered. Olympic and Titanic were laid down in  Belfast in 1907.

Later in 1911, Olympic and Titanic were finished. Each ship had 16 compartments in the lower decks. If the four front compartments were flooded, the ship could stay afloat. What could puncture more than 4 compartments, anyway?

On Wednesday 10th April 1912, Titanic departed on her maiden voyage from Southampton to New York. On board were 2,200 souls. 4 days later, on 14th April, there were the calmest seas in months. At 11:39 at night, Fred Fleet spotted an iceberg in the distance. He immediately told the Captain, and he attempted to turn the ship to the left. Unfortunately, Titanic couldn’t do it. The iceberg created six small gashes along the right side of the hull. Five compartments were breached.

At midnight, the order to launch the  lifeboats was given. Officers only let women and children into the lifeboats.  At first, nobody thought anything was wrong, so they only put minimal people in the lifeboats. This process continued until 02:00 when all of the lifeboats were launched. Over 1500 people were still aboard the sinking vessel.

At 02:17, Titanic‘s stern (Rear end) lifted up into the air and broke away. All of the lucky people in the lifeboats hoped that the stern would stay afloat. But it was just a cruel fate. The stern keeled over and sank at 02:20. The Atlantic was silent. The ‘Unsinkable’ had sunk. Luckily, Titanic had made distress calls, and a small ship named Carpathia was on her way. She arrived at 04:30 and picked up 705 souls. 1500 people had perished.

And that is the legend of Titanic,the most famous maritime disaster in history.

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Fred goes wild

July 17th, 2014 by Ellie 6E
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Hi im Fred and today im going  to go wild so here it goes. Hello  hello is anyone there what is my name who am i. What am i doing here and why am i here writing to you smelly lot. Know one likes my cheese anymore so any one want to bye some cheese. Its bye one get one free you know so come down to my shop crisp.Its a good shop you know i love it so i eat it now yummy. I don t like you so love you guys and bye. Come down to ma shop bro.


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Isle of Wight

July 4th, 2014 by Mr Edwards

Hello, Year 6!

It’s been a fantastic week away and your teachers have really enjoyed your company! We were blessed with some wonderful weather as we took part in all sorts of activities. Feel free to add your personal highlights by commenting on this post.



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RW Short: The Huddle

June 28th, 2014 by Robin 6E

“Come on Jim!” shouted Greg, eager to move on. Jim swam after him, not wanting to leave the beautiful coral behind. “Jim, I told you to stay with me!” exclaimed Greg. Greg was a very impatient fish, who didn’t like to wait for long periods of time. “Sorry, Dad” said Jim. “I was really addicted to that coral.” Unlike his father, Jim could wait around for long periods of time, even admiring the most boring things.

Jim and Greg swam on through the coral until they finally met their group. Strangely, they were all a bit quiet. “Whats up fellas?!” said Greg, excited to get going. “Shh!” said Maria. “Bob was chased here by a shark, and he didn’t know where it went.” Then, out of the darkness, emerged a very large mouth. All of the fish immediately got into a huddle. Then, there was a loud belch, and all of the fish were swallowed.

Apart from Jim, who was in the toilet.

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Loom bands – what’s so good about them?

June 25th, 2014 by Mr Edwards

From CBBC Newsround:

Loom bands – they’re the tiny colourful rubber bands that have become a massive craze around the world.

Boys and girls are spending hours weaving them into everything from bracelets to skipping ropes.

But some schools have started banning loom bands for various reasons, including playground fights, mess and them even being used as weapons.

The Duchess of Cambridge and Harry Styles are among the famous people spotted wearing loom band bracelets.

Catch Newsround on Thursday morning from 7.40am where Ricky will have a special report into the loom band phenomenon.

Get involved: Send us pics of your loom band creations

What do you think about loom bands?

We want to hear what you think about loom bands. Why are they so popular? What do you like to do with your loom bands?

Have loom bands been banned at your school?

Or perhaps you’re not a fan and just don’t get it?

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June 25th, 2014 by Rosie 6E

Having a friend around is like having the sunshine in the sky, even when it’s raining. When your friend is not there with you, she/he is always in your heart. Having a friend missing is like the world without the sun. When your friend is there with you, she/he stays there with you.

To me, a friend is someone is loves you for who you are, someone who’s kind and caring towards you. A friend should be helpful, loving, generous and thoughtful. Friends should smile with you, laugh and chat with you, they should love with you. If you’re a true friend you will stand by your best friend, and all your friends, no matter what is happening. If you’re a good friend you will comfort your friends when they are sad or angry, and even stressed. If you’re a best friend you will help your friends to learn for themselves, but give them encouragement and help when they need it. If you’re a best friend you will share the same thoughts, feel the same pain and love the happy moments together. If you’re a friend…you will be a friend forever!

I have many friends, but the friend that stands out to me most is my best friend. She is my best friend because she is all of the good things she can be; she is full of love and joy and empty of sadness and anger. My best friend is Lucy P!  People may say you can only have one best friend, but I believe you can have as many best friends as you want, as long as you’re happy.

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Give it a go!

June 25th, 2014 by LucyP 6E

Here are some riddles for you to try:

1. What word begins and ends with an ‘e’ but only has one letter?

2. What begins with T, ends with T and has T in it?

3. What type of cheese is made backwards?

4. What can you catch but not throw?


Good luck!

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Countries: Bosnia and Herzegovina

June 16th, 2014 by Robin 6E

Bosnia and Herzegovina is one of the seven former states of Yugoslavia. It takes up 19,741 square meters and has a population of about  3,871,643, which is less than half the population of London. Don’t forget that this number is ever-changing. It’s capital city is Sarajevo, which has a small population of 369,534 people, which is just less than the population of Bristol.

The flag of Bosnia and Herzegovina has a blue background and white stars, which symbolise that the country is in the EU. (European Union) The yellow triangle, which is a right-angled triangle, stands for equality between the three main religions that are within Bosnia. It’s capital city,  Sarajevo has many tourist attractions, like: Latin Bridge, Emperor’s Mosque and the Cathedral of Jesus’ Heart. In fact, in the travel guide Lonely Planet, Sarajevo was voted 43rd best city in  the WORLD!  Also, in 2009, it was listed as one of the top ten cities to visit.

Bosnia and Herzegovina is almost landlocked. There is a small, 12-mile stretch of land that is open to the Adriatic sea.  One interesting thing about this is: the fact that it ‘Interrupts’ Croatia. Just look at this map here:

Did you see it? If not look again! This is quite interesting as it must have been formed when the country gained  Independence in 1992. What is even MORE fascinating is that one of Croatia’s most popular Towns, Dubrovnik is on that stretch of land.

The country has a strong military and air force, which contains up to 45 aircraft. It has a VERY small navy, consisting of two patrol boats that often visit Croatian ports. Bosnia and Herzegovina has a good football team, who qualified for the 2014 World Cup. Football is the most popular sport in the country, as it has been played there since 1903. Also, Bosnia and Herzegovina has a chess team, making it one of the very few countries to do so.

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The smartest teacher is…

June 16th, 2014 by Taylor 6E

These are riddles for the teachers in any school to see who is the smartest. 1. I have two arms and a face but no eyes or mouth, what am I? 2. A farmer has three fields. One of them has 3 bundles of hay, another has 4, and the last has 5. How many would he have in the first field if he combined all of them in that field? 3. Which word does not belong in the following list: Stop cop mop chop prop shop or crop? 4.  What’s always coming, but never arrives? 5. What’s in the middle of Paris?

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