June 25th, 2014 by Rosie 6E

Having a friend around is like having the sunshine in the sky, even when it’s raining. When your friend is not there with you, she/he is always in your heart. Having a friend missing is like the world without the sun. When your friend is there with you, she/he stays there with you.

To me, a friend is someone is loves you for who you are, someone who’s kind and caring towards you. A friend should be helpful, loving, generous and thoughtful. Friends should smile with you, laugh and chat with you, they should love with you. If you’re a true friend you will stand by your best friend, and all your friends, no matter what is happening. If you’re a good friend you will comfort your friends when they are sad or angry, and even stressed. If you’re a best friend you will help your friends to learn for themselves, but give them encouragement and help when they need it. If you’re a best friend you will share the same thoughts, feel the same pain and love the happy moments together. If you’re a friend…you will be a friend forever!

I have many friends, but the friend that stands out to me most is my best friend. She is my best friend because she is all of the good things she can be; she is full of love and joy and empty of sadness and anger. My best friend is Lucy P!  People may say you can only have one best friend, but I believe you can have as many best friends as you want, as long as you’re happy.

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14 Responses to “Friends!”

  1. Rosie 6E says:

    When Lucy P wen to Stroud today I missed her because she is my best friend. Then it made me realise that when Lucy is in Stroud and I am in Farmors we won’t see each other as much…but, I have a solution. We will meet up at least once every week no matter what. Plus we will both got to the same universities and Collage. If I do make new friends in Farmors, not even the old friend or the new ones could become my bff because I already have one…ad it will stay like that forever!

  2. Rosie 6E says:

    I am going to miss all my friends when I go to Farmors! I hope I stay in contact with them all. 😉

    • Rosie 6E says:

      I am so excited- I mean moving School’s is so fun and nervouracing!
      But I like most of them people in my tutor, I am just gutted and heart broken that Abigail and Sophia are not in my tutor! I wish I had put them down instead of the people I did put! Grr….:(

    • LucyP 6E says:

      I gonna miss everyone as well as there is nobody going to SHS. 🙁

      • Rosie 6E says:

        Well, there will be SHS because we will meet up every week and spend at least half a day with each other! We can still do yoga day I suppose! Oh… I am so scared, I don’t wanna leave you or School yet! 🙁

        • Liam E says:

          Don’t start crying now Rosie, don’t be a baby! 😀 Ha ha ha

          • Niamh E says:

            I cried when I left St Sampson’s because I knew some of my best friends weren’t going to the same School as me, but as long as you keep their phone numbers you can still keep in touch with them! 😀

        • Rosie 6E says:

          I know Niamh because when you came home, your eyes were all red and wet! 😉 The sight was funny.

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