Mario Götze.

July 17th, 2014 by Rhys 6E

Things about Mario Götze.

Mario Götze is a football player.He plays for 2 teams Germany and FC Bayern Munich.Mario Götze is my favorite player.I was so happy he scored the winning goal against Argentina.He was burn on the  June 3, 1992. He is 22 years old  and he just won the World Cup for Germany.His height is 1.76 m.His Salary is 7 million EUR.His number is 19 his position is Center Attacking Midfielder .

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5 Responses to “Mario Götze.”

  1. Robin 6E says:

    That is some great writing, Rhys! It’s ‘Super’ Mario!

  2. Rosie 6E says:

    Great post Rhys. Same as Archie I am not really into football, I am more of a netball and athletics girl!

  3. Archie 6E says:

    I’m not really in to football, but it’s interesting to read about your interest in it

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