The Adventures of Squidgy and Squirt

July 17th, 2014 by Isaac 6E

Squidgy and Squirt lived in an old tattered caravan just off the coast of Canada. There was nothing unusual about them- apart from the fact they were both monkeys. Every day they went out and searched for some juicy bananas to eat. But, they were getting very short of bananas.

One day they were out searching when Squidgy spotted something. “Look! What’s that!” he exclaimed. In the distance,  there was a glowing light reflecting of Banana Mountain (it was called this because it looked unusually like a banana) like a mirror.

They ventured towards it like a tiger stalking it’s prey. When they got close enough, Squirt spotted a small door that only monkeys could fit through. “Let’s go in,” Squirt whispered in a low toned voice. “No we can’t. It’s too dangerous!” They kept on arguing for a few minutes. But, to save your ears, I kept it short.

Once they had gone in, it became very dark and they could hardly see. Squirt felt along the floor and found a torch. They saw, along the corridor, a great oak door and ,like Indiana Jones would do, they headed towards it to see what was behind. When they got there, they saw a glow coming from behind.

Behind the door was a huge room which was full of bananas. “That’s why it’s called banana mountain!” Squirt exclaimed. Squidgy and Squirt both jumped up and down with happiness and then they saw it. But, sitting temptingly in the middle of all the bananas was a golden banana. It was the most beautiful thing that they had ever seen. They both went for it at once and after a long fight they agreed to half it and they each had a piece each.

When they got back they knew that they didn’t have to worry anymore about getting bananas because every week they could go back to the mountain to get more.

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8 Responses to “The Adventures of Squidgy and Squirt”

  1. Rosie 6E says:

    Speaking of water related things, I must tell you about what happened tonight at swimming!
    Luke, Max, Taylor and Thomas B were playing a game involving a pink ball, so me and Lucy P challenged them to get the ball. At first, the boys were winning, but that soon changed!

    Lucy P had the pink ball, walking round the area of the pool, when Thomas B ran after her and…
    Thomas B was running after Lucy P, and he was doing this even though the life guard told him to stop…

    Her ran after her and…slipped in in the most ridiculously way possible. As Lucy looked down into the water she saw a struggling boy, with his blood shot eyes wide open! It was so funny; I almost wet myself! 🙂 😉 😀 😛

  2. Robin 6E says:

    Great story, Isaac! I love the setting – East Canada! I don’t think that you could get monkeys there!;-) I guess they immigrated or something! 😀

  3. Sophie 6E says:

    Awesome story, Isaac! 😉 I like the names “Squidgy and Squirt” 😀

    • Rosie 6E says:

      I said that, when I went on the blog I was already logged in as Sophie, so when I was writing a comment I was writing it as Sophie! Oops 😉

      • Robin 6E says:

        Thats funny! It is quite frustrating that people don’t log out when they have finished on the blog!

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