The Tragedy of R.M.S Titanic

July 17th, 2014 by Robin 6E

Today, you will hear of a legend. A disaster that would change the world forever.

It starts in 1903. Two large ships, named Lusitania and Mauretania were ordered by Cunard Line. They were to be the biggest liners ever made. Cunard Line’s biggest rival, White Star Line, decided to combat this by making three ships that were even larger. Henceforth, Olympic, Titanic and Britannic were ordered. Olympic and Titanic were laid down in  Belfast in 1907.

Later in 1911, Olympic and Titanic were finished. Each ship had 16 compartments in the lower decks. If the four front compartments were flooded, the ship could stay afloat. What could puncture more than 4 compartments, anyway?

On Wednesday 10th April 1912, Titanic departed on her maiden voyage from Southampton to New York. On board were 2,200 souls. 4 days later, on 14th April, there were the calmest seas in months. At 11:39 at night, Fred Fleet spotted an iceberg in the distance. He immediately told the Captain, and he attempted to turn the ship to the left. Unfortunately, Titanic couldn’t do it. The iceberg created six small gashes along the right side of the hull. Five compartments were breached.

At midnight, the order to launch the  lifeboats was given. Officers only let women and children into the lifeboats.  At first, nobody thought anything was wrong, so they only put minimal people in the lifeboats. This process continued until 02:00 when all of the lifeboats were launched. Over 1500 people were still aboard the sinking vessel.

At 02:17, Titanic‘s stern (Rear end) lifted up into the air and broke away. All of the lucky people in the lifeboats hoped that the stern would stay afloat. But it was just a cruel fate. The stern keeled over and sank at 02:20. The Atlantic was silent. The ‘Unsinkable’ had sunk. Luckily, Titanic had made distress calls, and a small ship named Carpathia was on her way. She arrived at 04:30 and picked up 705 souls. 1500 people had perished.

And that is the legend of Titanic,the most famous maritime disaster in history.

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  1. Robin 6E says:

    It is in situations like this one where you truly are glad to be alive.

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