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Short infomation text about dogs

Monday, August 4th, 2014
Dogs are amazing animals they can be friendly or vicious! However, all Dogs are vicious in a way because if you keep irritating them and getting close to their faces they could bite you! There are many different breeds of Dogs for example; German shepherds, collies, Greyhounds, Dalmatians and many more. These amazing animals can smell and hear better than humans because our ears can’t pick up really high or low sounds. Dogs are quite like humans because humans and dogs both eat, drink, sleep and are obedient. Dogs unlike most humans are colour blind (meaning they can only see black, white, grey and other dark colours). I hope this short information text helped you to understand more about dogs.

Goalkeeper Geek

Monday, August 4th, 2014

Ben was, in short, a goalkeeper geek. He dreamed of being an English World Cup finalist and saving a winning goal. All he thought about was football. Every second of every minute, every minute of every hour, every hour of every day and every day of every year.

One night he was in bed staring at a poster of his hero: Manuel Neuer saving a shot in the World Cup 2014 final. He dreamed of him doing it and being well-known all over the world as a winner of the Golden Glove and the best goalkeeper in the world. When he finally went to sleep, he dreamt about saving the winning penalty and winning the World Cup.

The next day was his birthday. For his birthday he got a pair of Predator Zones Pro goalie gloves, an Official World Cup 2014 Brazuca football and a Manuel Neuer World Cup 2014 football kit. The next day was the last day of training and Ben’s team had a World Cup 2014 Opening party.

Everyone turned up in there World Cup kits. “Few,” Ben thought “I’m so glad I got the kit yesterday otherwise I’d be stuck”. After the party they had a World Cup final. Ben and his best friend, Joe Mart (who was nicknamed ‘Joe Hart’ after England’s goalkeeper), were in goal. Ben’s team won when it came down to penalties. “It felt just like my dream last night!” he exclaimed to Joe after the match.

When he got home, his dad told him to close his eyes and go to the living room because there was a special birthday surprise. So he did it and when he got there, there was, in front of him, five tickets to the… “WORLD CUP 2014 FINALS!” he exclaimed like he had just won a million pounds in the lottery. His dad said “The tickets are for you, mum, Joe, Joe’s mum and I. The tickets are to see the Germany against Argentina game.” Ben suddenly thought a bit worried because, besides England, Ben supported Germany. Whereas Joe supported Argentina.

A week before the match, the two family’s set of to Brazil. The game they were seeing was in Manaus. They got to Manaus two days later. It was a very long, hot journey, but once they had got there, it felt worth it. The World Cup vibe, which stretched all the way from the north to the south, was enough to make the hair on Ben’s arm stick up.

The match was brilliant and unexpectedly, Germany won. It was the best day of his life because he saw, got a photo and an autograph (on his gloves) from Manuel Neuer. At the end of it all, Ben and Joe knew that they had the best story to tell their friends at school.

My lazy pony

Monday, August 4th, 2014

I have a lazy pony called Merlin,Merlin can be very silly some days and because he is that lazy I rode him in a sand school on Saturday and he was being naughty and then he started grunting like a pig true.Most of the time  I go and get him to bring him he always has his fly mask of or his fly rug hanging of but if it is not any of them Merlin`s rug will be ripped.When I take Merlin on a hack he walks so slowly it is also super hard to get him in a trot even a walk!Some days my pony can be really a good boy but then the other times he can be a pain in the butt I only fell of Merlin once at a show I was aiming for a jump then he turned left when we were supostoo go forward and the next thing I know I was on the floor.Merlin is only young he is turning 6 this year so why is he lazy? That’s what I don’t understand.Merlin got my mum off to me that was a shock I was at the Isle of wight with the school so I didn’t see it anoyling  they were cantering through a field and my mum gave him the reins then mum was on the floor after 6 bucks.Sometimes having a lazy pony can be alright aspeshaly if you lost your confidence like me.

Mr and Mrs Rat bag!

Monday, August 4th, 2014

Mr & Mrs Rat bag

Have you ever seen a really hairy faced man in your life? One with spikes of hair growing out from every direction. One with food trapped inside the hairs for weeks, as hairy men don’t tend to wash. A man covered in so much greasy dark, rough hair, looks like a jungle. Mr Rat bag was one of these hairy men. He was short and fat, with grey locks flowing down his face like a waterfall. And what I want to know is this…how often do these hairy men wash their faces? Is it only once a week, on Sunday nights? Do they shampoo it or use conditioner? Or do they do it in front of the bathroom mirror, with a pair of nail scissors? The answer is…never, not even on Sundays! As a result, and because Mr Rat bag never washes, there is always some sort of snack berried in the hairs of his face: tin sardines, mushroom and chocolate soup, chicken and toffee surprise and all the other disgusting things Mr Rat bag liked to eat. Whenever you see a hairy man, which will probably be as soon as you step out on to the street, watch closely as he eats because you will see even if he opens his mouth wide he cannot fit a spoonful of whatever he is eating, without leaving some of it around the hairs. Mr Rat bag didn’t even bother to open his mouth wide! This meant he never went hungry. Now, enough about Mr Rat bag, let me introduce you to Mrs Rat bag. 

Mrs Rat bag, now she didn’t have a hairy face and it’s a pity she didn’t because that at any rate would have hidden some of her fearful ugliness. Mrs Rat bag was a nasty piece off work.  She had pale, ghostly skin, brightened up by the red pussy spots she had. Her face was chubby and round, with beady little eyes, staring right at you, making you feel scared. In her right she carried a walking stick. She use to tell people that this was because she had warts growing on her foot and walking was pain full. But the real reason she carried a walking stick was because she liked to hit things, such as cats, dogs and small children! Her clothes Mrs Rat bag’s clothes were all the same. She didn’t have bright and colourful clothes; it was the opposite.  She only owned dull, grey and black long dresses. Her shoes were pointy and always the colour of dog muck. Now, Mrs Rat bag had quite a nice face when she was younger, but the ugliness grew upon her year by year. If you have good thoughts you will be beautiful, if you have bad thoughts you will be hideous. Mrs Rat bag always had bad thoughts. You could have a wonky nose, a crooked mouth, a double chin and stick out teeth, but if you have good thoughts they will shine out of your face like sun beams. Nothing shone out of Mrs Rat bag’s face!  Enough about these nasty people, let’s get on with the story!

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