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August 4th, 2014 by Taylor 6E
Dogs are amazing animals they can be friendly or vicious! However, all Dogs are vicious in a way because if you keep irritating them and getting close to their faces they could bite you! There are many different breeds of Dogs for example; German shepherds, collies,Β Greyhounds, Dalmatians and many more. These amazing animals can smell and hear better than humans because our ears can’t pick up really high or low sounds. Dogs are quite like humans because humans and dogs both eat, drink, sleep and are obedient. Dogs unlike most humans are colour blind (meaning they can only see black, white, grey and other dark colours). I hope this short information text helped you to understand more about dogs.
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20 Responses to “Short infomation text about dogs”

  1. James 6PB says:

    Dogs are lovely and loyal. Some dogs are a bit crazy but they all have character. They can also be extremely funny: Cocking their heads when there’s a noise they don’t understand and how much they sleep… They are just great hence the phrase “Mans Best Friend”.

  2. LucyP 6E says:

    Very good info Taylor!And good picture

  3. Rosie 6E says:

    Another reason I do not like dogs is because when I was very young, say three or four, on holiday in Cornwall there was a huge brown dog on the beach. Well, I was building sand castles with my sister, then suddenly this huge dog came out from now where and chased me and chased me all around the beach! I screamed, as it had it’s teeth showing and growling viciously, so I ran into the water thinking the dog wouldn’t come in the water… but it did. Eventually, I was deeper and deeper in the water. For a moment it was silent, I was under water, touching the bottom. Then the dog came under with me, and bit me on the leg! It was super painful. I don’t like dogs, as one bit me, and I almost drowned being chased by one! So, now you know.

  4. Rosie 6E says:

    That was a short information about dogs. πŸ˜€

  5. Rosie 6E says:

    I don’t like dogs!

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