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Costa Rica vs Uruguay match report 100wc #37

Sunday, June 15th, 2014

On Saturday the 14th of June 2014 Costa Rica won 3-1 against Uruguay ,but that’s what happens in Brazil when Costa Rica play their A game! It was a brilliant match, to start with it was 1-0 to Uruguay (by a penalty) then Costa Rica scored a cracking goal from the edge of the box! Then from a free kick someone got there head on it and scored (but also got kicked in the face)! The final goal was when a Costa Rica player just passed it into the goal – fantastic! which left Costa Rica with a joyful and exciting win but also a sad and depressing loss for Uruguay.

100wc Week #36 08/06/2014

Sunday, June 8th, 2014

I quickly ran through the meteors. I couldn’t believe that the Cream Volcano could erupt like this! I soon realised that I needed shelter, so I started to run towards a mine. I sat down inside, listening to all of the cream-egg meteors that were coming down.  In the mine entrance, there was an old TV. On the TV was the news reporter, Richard Dandson. The volume was very low, but I heard him mention that the eruption could go on for the rest of the night!

I had to come to terms with things, so I started to sleep.

100wc #35: it’s a mystery

Thursday, June 5th, 2014

Running through the jungle with two my friends, we saw many different animals such as: moneys, snakes and even tiger. While running through the jungle, we saw a massive red and blue gateway! We all asked the same question, what was in it? After about five minutes we went in, it was extremely cold and we all had to wear our jumpers and coats. Then we saw a man walk by he had a tall black hat and a red suit. We all hid behind the stairs luckily we were quick enough ,but one of my friends hit their head and it all went black…


100wc Week #35: cemetery

Thursday, June 5th, 2014

I am running. I am not sure from what, but I am running. I think I am with my friend, but I can’t remember, like the way I  can’t remember what I am running from, only that it jumped out of the black at us.

When I think we have escaped, I slow down, only to feel cold steel brush past my hand. When I look up cautiously, the steel takes the shape of a gateway, which immediately reminds me of a nearby cemetery. Curious of how it got here, I slowly open the gate and on the other side see… the back of my house.

100wc week #35: The Garden of Magic

Wednesday, June 4th, 2014

As soon as my friend and I entered the mystical gateway, we had some sort of strange feeling. Everywhere we looked there were magical plants twisting around the old, derelict statues of people we didn’t recognize. Cold, running water trickled down a gentle stream with miniature, magic Koi carp swimming gently around in the pool at the bottom. There was a small cobbled path leading up to the Masters tower. Its roof was jet black and walls were dark purple. Vines crept round the trellis tunnel. Flying around were tiny Fairy’s that did the good warlocks bidding. The day we spent there was truly magical.



Wednesday, June 4th, 2014

I absolutely love chocolate, epically mint areo bubble! I do not know why but nearly everybody has a weak spot for chocolate, and sweets.  I think the most popular chocolates are quality streets because at Christmas the majority of the family’s in the UK always have them for a little treat.  You find chocolate almost everywhere: croissants, milkshakes, chocolate bars and accusingly cake. Here is a little chocolate quiz to see who the biggest chocolate lover in 6E is!

Question One

How many different flavours of the “chocolate orange” are there, and what are they?

Question Two

Which m&m’s are in the blue packet?

A.  Crunchy  B. Chocolate  C. Peanut

Question Three

Is the flavour raspberry in the crazy sours skittles pack?

Please leave your answers in a comment and I will check them, if you get them all right you are the biggest chocolate lover in 6E!

100 WC Week #35: The Haunted House

Wednesday, June 4th, 2014

One cold and wet stormy night I was running down my street with my friend and his name was Steve he in a wheel chair but he was very happy most of the time.

We came across a black, tall and mysterious gateway to a house full of gar gals. We wanted to know whats the story of the creepy house . So we knocked on the door

nobody was there but the door was open the handle was shaped as a scull and I made a bet with Steve that’s the handle is cursed neither of us would go in.

Rosie and the great escape!

Wednesday, June 4th, 2014

In the pitch black, I could make out someone franticly running towards me screaming for help!I couldn’t see who it was due to nightfall ,but I certinately recognized their voice.It was my best friend Abi. Once she’d caught her breath, Abi alarmed that Rosie(my other best friend) was in serious trouble.The black knights kidnaped and taken her away!There was only one thing for it…

As we paced through the gateway, we could hear shrieks coming from inside.Abi and I decided it was best if Dusty( the fearless dragon) lead the way.Nervously, we entered the cold dungeons to find Rosie tied up. Could Dusty save her?…


Wintry dreams

Tuesday, June 3rd, 2014

On a cold winter’s night my friend and I were charging frantically through the woods when out of a sudden a gateway with a enormous pad lock stode in font of us.As I stepped forward to see if it would budge , Asha  quickly pushed me out of the way.Asha glared at me as if she  had just saved her life and was hoping for a thank you but I was to concerned about what black creature lurked behind here but I didn’t want to stick about to see so I leaped up and began running for the woods shouting at Asha to do so herself.

100wc Week #35

Tuesday, June 3rd, 2014

I glanced behind me, to make sure no-one was following me. Then, I looked in front of myself. I saw the massive ice gateway. I was cold, so I shivered slightly, and walked inside. I heard running water coming from the cliff next to me. I gazed around in wonder. Cautiously, I continued walking forward, hoping I wouldn’t stand on any weak bits of ice. My friend, who is called Jake, was supposed to be meeting me just inside the temple but he wasn’t there. I looked down the path. There was nothing but a small black dot.  I started to walk closer to investigate!

I hope you like this 100wc! I might post the full story soon! 🙂

100wc Week #35: One Day!

Tuesday, June 3rd, 2014

One day, I was walking gracefully home with my best friend (Lucy P). We were so eager to arrive home we starting speed walking, then jogging and then finally started running as fast as we could.  By the time we had got home, it was very very chilli, even though we had the heating on full blast we both still felt cold! Because we had run out of pasta sauce for our tea, Lucy and I were asked to walk to the shops to get some. We walked through the black and rusty gateway, arrived at the shops, got what we needed then ran home.

Best Friends!

Wednesday, May 21st, 2014








A Best Friend is someone who is always there for you through the sad and happy times. They’re the one’s who brighten up your life with their smile. The special one’s in your life who you share your most embarrassing secrets, latest gossip and your special moments. Best Friends are like sisters/brothers to one another because you’re so alike, yet so different! A true Best Friend supports you and trusts you, and also believes in you. If you’re true Best Friends you are inseparable, partners forever and most of all, happy to be Best Friends!

My Best Friend is Lucy P because she is all of those things! Lucy P and I are like two peas in a pod, without each other our lives wouldn’t have been half as fun. 🙂

100 wc Week #33

Wednesday, May 21st, 2014

Dear Mr Obama.

An 11 year old girl called Lucy can’t go to school because she has a dissobillity of  polio and isn’t able to walk to school. Lots of children all over the world can’t go to school because off a dissobillity of polio. If people don’t help children like Lucy  then more children will get polio and will suffer not being able to go to school.

How would you feel if you had a dissobillity  and you couldn’t go to school?

How would you feel if you had polio?

Just remember there are millions of little children like Lucy.


Week #33

Wednesday, May 21st, 2014

Dear world leaders of united kingdom you should help Lucy get to school for education. Our school is suitable for Lucy because outside we have a slope half and stairs half. Lucy should really go to school like ares so she can be not one of those 57 million children that don’t go to school. Because Lucy has polio she can not get to school but we need to help her go so her family of her mum,dad,and 8 brothers can learn the same education as her.Lucy lives in Africa and has not got very much money,water and especially know education.







100 wc week #33

Wednesday, May 21st, 2014

Dear Mr Obama,

Lucy yes lucy cant go to school because she has something called polio in her leg. Obvously shes not the only person on earth that has this illness infact alot of people have this illniss. So I think everyone should go to school, dont you they need educatoin for a job and outher stuff like that. Also they need freinds aswell for a social life if we do this lots of people will have a happier life, and a more acidedemic life so isnt that inportant to you so please leave a donatoin to get people to school.






School Children Week#33

Wednesday, May 21st, 2014

Dear World Leaders,

I’m writing to you because children all over the world with disabilities and no disabilities cannot go to school, either because of a disability  or the journey to their School is too far. If these children can not get to school they’re missing out on a life time’s worth of education. Further more, when they become adults how are they going to get a descent job to pay the bills if they can’t even learn? At least 75% of Children around the world should be able to go to School, and if not that, everyone! Please help them.


Week #33- Send My Friends To School

Wednesday, May 21st, 2014

Dear Mr Cameron,

I am writing to you to inform you of  the problems children in poorer country’s such as: Africa and Kenya.  There are more than 24 million children not going to school.  All children should have the chance to go to school and get a great education. Children that are unable to go to school have either a disability or are unable to walk there. Polio is one on the most common diseases to catch in Africa and Kenya  as they are a few of the most poorest countries in the world.

Yours Sincerely,


Help The Children (Week #33)

Wednesday, May 21st, 2014

Wednesday 21st May 2014

Dear Mr Obama,

I’m writing to you to say you need to keep your promise to the children of the world. To make sure all children are in a school by 2015. This is an important promise because around 57 million children are not in school and it’s guessed that 24 million aren’t at school because of a disability they have.  This problem has been getting better {because of help all my friends} but it’s still too mean children out of school each day.

Thank you for your valued time to read this important letter.


Week #33 – Send My Friends To School

Wednesday, May 21st, 2014

Dear Mr Cameron,

I am writing to inform you about this terrible problem in how some children across the world aren’t going to school. This is very bad. In which, we need to help to get them going to school possibly  everyday.

Some children are not going to school because of the diseases and disabilities. Did you know that there are over 57 million children across the world not going to school and roughly half ( 27 million ) don`t go to school because of polio, a disease which makes your legs or arms numb.

Please look into this. Thank you.

Your sincerely,


Week #33 – Letter

Wednesday, May 21st, 2014

Dear Mr. Ricardo Martinelli,

I have become aware of the fact that many children with disabilities are not going to school. This number is not small. It is in fact, over 24 million children. That’s 6 times the population of Panama! How would you feel if you had a child with Polio and they couldn’t go to school? Well that is happening all over the world whilst you are reading this letter. You can help the charity called Save All My Friends and try to help ALL children get into school by at least 2020.

Thank you for your help

From Robin UK






100wc Week #32

Tuesday, May 13th, 2014

When I met them, some of the words sounded like a foreign language. They were saying things like ‘sondiarlo’ and ‘gertuna’. Now, you may be wondering, what are they saying? Well, these weren’t foreign people. No, they were goblins.

As they moved closer to me, I studied them. They had little green spots on there heads, long big tongues and they had a toad-like body. There leader, Weldrath, stood staring at me like I was some sort of out-of-this-world alien.Well, he should look at himself. He’s a giant troll. Trolls have huge horns and their backs are covered in deadly spikes.

100wc Week #32

Sunday, May 11th, 2014

Bethene had always wondered what was past the forest where ‘bad things happen’ and ‘was never allowed to be seen by the rich’ (like herself).

“I hate you mum!” Bethene yelled from outhouse where she often lay reading a picture book on the leather sofa “And I never want to see you again!”

You see, Bethene always got got angry , the doctor said it was depression from not going out of  the plane where the settlement was.

Just then she had a sudden urge  to go through the forest ,and so she did…

As she snooped around she could hear that some of  the words sounded like a foreign language of some sort. Suddenly , she could hear them heading towards here. Bethane fled,as darts came whistling past here ears .’Boom’ was all Bethane could think as a dart stabbed her in the back.

She didn’t know how long she had been lying in a red puddle on the forest floor, but she know she must leave ,and fast . “I think Ill crawl,” she whispered to herself. And so she did.

“Bethane ?!” here mum screamed when she saw her curled up on the door step.

“I love you mum,”

I know its over 109 words I got excited

Diary of Isaac Fewton

Wednesday, May 7th, 2014

 This morning, I received an odd phone call from Steve, a fellow scientist. At first, I thought he was going mad when he explained excitedly that an ‘elephant sized bee’ had been found lying in a remote field. He desperately wanted me to come over and have a look. So I grabbed my things and dashed out of the house.

When I arrived, I was blown away. He was right! It was staggering to see! Quickly we set to work investigating the creature. At first, apart from its size, we couldn’t find anything unusual but then, intriguingly, we saw it…

Bee Buzzes Off!

Wednesday, May 7th, 2014

Breaking news: Bees death stuns the hive.

Yesterday, at 7:00 AM, Bertha Bee was taking her daily walk down Nectar Lane. She saw Barnaby Bee lying down on the pavement. He was very old (97) and regularly had snoozes in Pond Park. Passing by, she noticed that there were what looked like pincer claws from that of a Preying Mantis.                                                                                              “Oh my,” she said in a strong american accent “What’s happened here?” Straight away she rushed down to the Police Station and told them everything.                                            For more information on the story visit The Daily Insects website

. Story by reporter, Charlotte Cray Caterpillar.

100 Word Challenge Robin: Diary of Bee

Wednesday, May 7th, 2014

I quickly crept out of the hive. It has been a good home – my only home – and a great place to retreat to when I was in trouble. But now was my time. Queen Bee IXV had made a terrible decision and I was going to escape.

The outside world at night was weird, as I usually saw it at day. Then, I heard something. It was coming from inside the house, so I crept inside the crack where I usually entered the house. Then, I saw a large yellow thing coming towards me. Then, I felt pain.





What’s all the buzz?

Tuesday, May 6th, 2014

What’s all the buzz?

At approximately 1300 hours a humble bumble bee was discovered dead on a picnic bench.It was thought that the bee was attempting to join in with a family picnic, when a 2 year old girl- named Elizabeth Shirtslinger- poked pickles at it till its death.

Investigators were on scene within 10 minutes of the incident, but by this time Elizabeth and her family had fled. One witness saw it all unfold, “It all happened so quickly, one minute it was flying in the air, eyeing up the jelly, the next the poor thing was being prodded with a pickle!”

The dead bee

Tuesday, May 6th, 2014

Many years ago, there was once a very happy ,small,middle-aged black and yellow bee. This little bee had a very normal and elementary life,it was usually just collecting pollen and making honey with the rest of his family. But one dark and gloomy day,that all changed for good.

The little bee was just flying everywhere ,from flower to flower, collecting pollen when suddenly, out a large shadow was cast over him. BOOM!! A large ball about the size of an apple zoomed back and forth ,the little bee skittered from side to side trying despraetly to avoid the ball. BAM!!!


Bees Death

Tuesday, May 6th, 2014

Today a bee died on the corner of Marleybone Road. This was no ordinary death this bee was killed by…THE EXTERMINATOR.These words come from the brother who saw this death.On the 11th October 2013.The young bee was climbing in the garden when the monster came out side a sucked in the bee hive with his leaf blower.During this process it blew the bee of the fence into the leaf blower.

That is the recount about my brothers death I praise the lord he is in a good space and that hes having fun in the ‘Golden Beehive’.


Jay’s Great Story

Wednesday, April 30th, 2014

Suddenly, I woke up in excitement because it is my Birthday in one more day.It  is on the 13th of May 2003.On my special day ,I would like a new motorbike and a quad bike because I haven’t ridden one for a long time.When it’s my Birthday, I will wake up at 7 o’clock and go down stairs  so I can go and open my presents.”WOW” its my Birthday I woke up and went into my Mum and Dads room but they was down stairs so I went down stairs into the kitchen and looked in the cupboard for some breakfast and I saw a helmet.

The Mystery Door

Wednesday, April 30th, 2014

And when I opened the cupboard door I saw a beautiful pink unicorn, with big brown eyes. I slowly went over to see  if I could stroke it, but as soon as I leant over to stroke its neck it instantly turned into a wicked witch, who had a disgusting purple wart on her green pointy nose. The evil witch violently pulled out her magic wand, and started to chant weird words. I realised she was saying a magic spell.  I was petrified, and I screamed. Then, suddenly my dad came crashing through the door carrying an axe, which made both my dad and the witch disappear…

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