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100wc #35: it’s a mystery

Thursday, June 5th, 2014

Running through the jungle with two my friends, we saw many different animals such as: moneys, snakes and even tiger. While running through the jungle, we saw a massive red and blue gateway! We all asked the same question, what was in it? After about five minutes we went in, it was extremely cold and we all had to wear our jumpers and coats. Then we saw a man walk by he had a tall black hat and a red suit. We all hid behind the stairs luckily we were quick enough ,but one of my friends hit their head and it all went black…


100wc week #35: The Garden of Magic

Wednesday, June 4th, 2014

As soon as my friend and I entered the mystical gateway, we had some sort of strange feeling. Everywhere we looked there were magical plants twisting around the old, derelict statues of people we didn’t recognize. Cold, running water trickled down a gentle stream with miniature, magic Koi carp swimming gently around in the pool at the bottom. There was a small cobbled path leading up to the Masters tower. Its roof was jet black and walls were dark purple. Vines crept round the trellis tunnel. Flying around were tiny Fairy’s that did the good warlocks bidding. The day we spent there was truly magical.


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