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Countries: Bosnia and Herzegovina

Monday, June 16th, 2014

Bosnia and Herzegovina is one of the seven former states of Yugoslavia. It takes up 19,741 square meters and has a population of about  3,871,643, which is less than half the population of London. Don’t forget that this number is ever-changing. It’s capital city is Sarajevo, which has a small population of 369,534 people, which is just less than the population of Bristol.

The flag of Bosnia and Herzegovina has a blue background and white stars, which symbolise that the country is in the EU. (European Union) The yellow triangle, which is a right-angled triangle, stands for equality between the three main religions that are within Bosnia. It’s capital city,  Sarajevo has many tourist attractions, like: Latin Bridge, Emperor’s Mosque and the Cathedral of Jesus’ Heart. In fact, in the travel guide Lonely Planet, Sarajevo was voted 43rd best city in  the WORLD!  Also, in 2009, it was listed as one of the top ten cities to visit.

Bosnia and Herzegovina is almost landlocked. There is a small, 12-mile stretch of land that is open to the Adriatic sea.  One interesting thing about this is: the fact that it ‘Interrupts’ Croatia. Just look at this map here:

Did you see it? If not look again! This is quite interesting as it must have been formed when the country gained  Independence in 1992. What is even MORE fascinating is that one of Croatia’s most popular Towns, Dubrovnik is on that stretch of land.

The country has a strong military and air force, which contains up to 45 aircraft. It has a VERY small navy, consisting of two patrol boats that often visit Croatian ports. Bosnia and Herzegovina has a good football team, who qualified for the 2014 World Cup. Football is the most popular sport in the country, as it has been played there since 1903. Also, Bosnia and Herzegovina has a chess team, making it one of the very few countries to do so.

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