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100 Wc 2

Wednesday, May 21st, 2014

Lilly pushed the door cautiously until she could see inside she kept doing this movement over and over again.Pressing her ear to the door she heard the most strangest conversation ever.She thought her teachers were speaking in a strange foreign langue.”Mi clase  hizo el mejor trabajo de hoy!”piped out Mr Edwards in his normal calm tone.After that a more  suttle voice shouted.”Na,wnaeth mwynglawdd!”Boasted Mrs Dye from the far corner.Suddenly,Mrs Booth pushed past and said…”IO JU NUK MUND  TE SERIOZE!” screamed Mrs Booth,dropping her tea on the floor.

Sorry its shorter than the expected amount.Also the languages I used were:

Spanish for Mr Edwards

Welsh for Mrs Dye

Albanian for Mrs Booth!

Bees Death

Tuesday, May 6th, 2014

Today a bee died on the corner of Marleybone Road. This was no ordinary death this bee was killed by…THE EXTERMINATOR.These words come from the brother who saw this death.On the 11th October 2013.The young bee was climbing in the garden when the monster came out side a sucked in the bee hive with his leaf blower.During this process it blew the bee of the fence into the leaf blower.

That is the recount about my brothers death I praise the lord he is in a good space and that hes having fun in the ‘Golden Beehive’.


Luella and Crystal’s Adventure in the over world!

Wednesday, April 30th, 2014

Luella and I were enjoying a delicious piece of rare stake which had been cooked on the earths core. “Evenstar come here boy!”cooed Luella dreamily. Evenstar came bounding his turquoise mane shining in the moonlight.Not long after that, a call came in from are boss. who said a young girl was going to rob the minsters cupboard and requested us to go there.

Not long after we were there, Luella told me to open the cupboard and I opened the cupboard door and everying was already gone…But hey there was a note from the minster.” I have gone on holiday and took all my stuff with me”…

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