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RW Short: The Huddle

Saturday, June 28th, 2014

“Come on Jim!” shouted Greg, eager to move on. Jim swam after him, not wanting to leave the beautiful coral behind. “Jim, I told you to stay with me!” exclaimed Greg. Greg was a very impatient fish, who didn’t like to wait for long periods of time. “Sorry, Dad” said Jim. “I was really addicted to that coral.” Unlike his father, Jim could wait around for long periods of time, even admiring the most boring things.

Jim and Greg swam on through the coral until they finally met their group. Strangely, they were all a bit quiet. “Whats up fellas?!” said Greg, excited to get going. “Shh!” said Maria. “Bob was chased here by a shark, and he didn’t know where it went.” Then, out of the darkness, emerged a very large mouth. All of the fish immediately got into a huddle. Then, there was a loud belch, and all of the fish were swallowed.

Apart from Jim, who was in the toilet.

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