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100wc Week #32

Sunday, May 11th, 2014

Bethene had always wondered what was past the forest where ‘bad things happen’ and ‘was never allowed to be seen by the rich’ (like herself).

“I hate you mum!” Bethene yelled from outhouse where she often lay reading a picture book on the leather sofa “And I never want to see you again!”

You see, Bethene always got got angry , the doctor said it was depression from not going out of  the plane where the settlement was.

Just then she had a sudden urge  to go through the forest ,and so she did…

As she snooped around she could hear that some of  the words sounded like a foreign language of some sort. Suddenly , she could hear them heading towards here. Bethane fled,as darts came whistling past here ears .’Boom’ was all Bethane could think as a dart stabbed her in the back.

She didn’t know how long she had been lying in a red puddle on the forest floor, but she know she must leave ,and fast . “I think Ill crawl,” she whispered to herself. And so she did.

“Bethane ?!” here mum screamed when she saw her curled up on the door step.

“I love you mum,”

I know its over 109 words I got excited

And then I opened the cupboard door…

Wednesday, April 30th, 2014

And when I opened the cupboard door:

There was blossom, joy ,happiness , love and falter. I saw flowers in the meadows , wheat in the reeled , there was leaves in the trees and the sun was in the sky.

There was thunder ,lightning rain and clouds .  I saw bombs and war   blood and gore . There was no life every thing was dead gone and on the fore .

That cupboard can be any thing  , any thing at all. When you open that cupboard think of what you want. Make shore you choose the right thing,think of others too. So when you open your cupboard door; think. Think of life ahead .

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