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100 wc week #33

Wednesday, May 21st, 2014

Dear Mr Obama,

Lucy yes lucy cant go to school because she has something called polio in her leg. Obvously shes not the only person on earth that has this illness infact alot of people have this illniss. So I think everyone should go to school, dont you they need educatoin for a job and outher stuff like that. Also they need freinds aswell for a social life if we do this lots of people will have a happier life, and a more acidedemic life so isnt that inportant to you so please leave a donatoin to get people to school.






100 word challenge! :)

Wednesday, April 30th, 2014

And when I open the cupboard door…

I was amazed,  I saw tickets, to the world cup final at Brazil. And that was lucky because the final is in two and a halve hours away.  So I stuffed my hat on my messy hair, and went on a run I went passed the Amazon even Tesco/what ever It is in Brazil. Suddenly looking up I find the stadium, and there was another five minutes until kick off. Started and Spain vs Brazil  .23rd minute goal Spain 1-0. 66th minute goal by Brazil. Penalties and Brazil win! What a day and I  will do this again some day, defiantly.

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