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Week #33

Wednesday, May 21st, 2014

Dear world leaders of united kingdom you should help Lucy get to school for education. Our school is suitable for Lucy because outside we have a slope half and stairs half. Lucy should really go to school like ares so she can be not one of those 57 million children that don’t go to school. Because Lucy has polio she can not get to school but we need to help her go so her family of her mum,dad,and 8 brothers can learn the same education as her.Lucy lives in Africa and has not got very much money,water and especially know education.








Wednesday, April 30th, 2014

One night at quarter past five when the weather was cold,wet and drafty and me and my brother was stuck in the house watching television, we heard a very weird noise.We looked every where under the sofa behind the TV on top of the oven,AND WHEN I OPENED THE CUPBOARDDOOR there was a huge man monkey doing keep ups with a football. He said his name was George but he didn’t really look like a George.The game that was on next was England vs Brazil in the world cup. They all watched it together when Mum came home and saw the monkey eating her food!

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