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100 WC Week #35: The Haunted House

Wednesday, June 4th, 2014

One cold and wet stormy night I was running down my street with my friend and his name was Steve he in a wheel chair but he was very happy most of the time.

We came across a black, tall and mysterious gateway to a house full of gar gals. We wanted to know whats the story of the creepy house . So we knocked on the door

nobody was there but the door was open the handle was shaped as a scull and I made a bet with Steve that’s the handle is cursed neither of us would go in.

The Tasty in the Cupboard

Wednesday, April 30th, 2014

when I was walking around my mum told me to get something out of the cupboard and when I opened cupboard. I smelt something it was sweet and strong. I had a touch it was very sticky,worm . It tastes delicious and ┬álike coco beans . I mite be imagining it but it says” eat me”.finally my eyes have woken up its brown chocolate and its bubbling.

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