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The dead bee

Tuesday, May 6th, 2014

Many years ago, there was once a very happy ,small,middle-aged black and yellow bee. This little bee had a very normal and elementary life,it was usually just collecting pollen and making honey with the rest of his family. But one dark and gloomy day,that all changed for good.

The little bee was just flying everywhere ,from flower to flower, collecting pollen when suddenly, out a large shadow was cast over him. BOOM!! A large ball about the size of an apple zoomed back and forth ,the little bee skittered from side to side trying despraetly to avoid the ball. BAM!!!


My Diary of a Wimpy Kid

Wednesday, April 30th, 2014

I  was woken very early today by my old antique alarm clock. I felt groggy as I began to untangle myself from the tangle of sheets,yawning loudly. After untangling myself from my covers, I blandly made my way downstairs, stumbling repeatedly,  and had a simple breakfast of scrambled eggs on toast.I plodded back upstairs and entered my bedroom. Unfortunately, when I opened the cupboard door,all my clothes,shoes,trousers,t-shirts and sweaters came hailing down on me. I  pulled myself    out of the wreckage and angrily started to tidy up grumbling and muttering with anger and annoyance.I was not having a good day, not a single bit of luck.

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