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Thursday, July 17th, 2014

LEGO® is one of the most wide spread toys in the world. It all starts as some tiny plastic granules that are melted down too a liquid and poured into molds shaped into LEGO® bricks and sold to many different stores world wide. Series’  include Agents, Indiana Jones, Harry Potter and even Sponge Bob. Even though it is VERY expensive, it is also great quality and really fun to play with. You can buy it from most stores everywhere. I only recently got a huge set of LEGO® Technic. It,s a large pick up truck truck/ recovery truck. My brother (who many people in my class will know) and I haven’t built it yet and we’ve had it for a few days. I think, there are going to be many more themes and I am looking forward to telling you about them when they come out! Bye for now.   🙂

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