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The Adventures of Flykachu

Thursday, July 17th, 2014

Flykachu lived in the attic of a human. This human was called Jimmy. Jimmy lived on his own. But, not for long.

One day, Jimmy adopted a child. It was a boy called Tom. He loved to play outside in the field where he would: make dens out of sticks and leaves; climb trees (pretending they were mountains) and search for bugs.

On one of these searches -in the attic- was –when he discovered Flykachu. Flykachu wasn’t your ordinary fly, when you touch him, he sends a little shot of electric into your blood. Tom was feeling around the dark, dusty attic when he got a shock.

Screaming, like he had just saw a ghost, Tom ran downstairs to his new dad. “Dad! Dad! I just saw a Flykachu!” Tom’s dad had told him imaginary stories of a Flykachu that was electric. “No you haven’t. There’s no such thing. Don’t wind me up.” They argued for a while but, as Tom had expected, his Dad didn’t believe him.

That night, Tom felt determined to prove to Dad that he really did see a Flykachu and he wasn’t going mad. So, he slipped out of bed and headed into the attic. Tom spotted the bright, blue glow in the corner of the attic and walked towards it. Sitting quietly on Dad’s dusty old dusty table was Flykachu. He flew onto Tom’s hand and, not like last time, Flykachu didn’t give Tom a shock. Flykachu’s can actually chose to shock someone or something depending on if it feels threatened.

The next morning, Tom showed Flykachu to his farther whereas, he still didn’t believe Tom. Tom didn’t know what to do so, he put Flykachu back and went up to his room to do his homework.

Tom thought and thought and thought. Finally, he knew what to do, he got a metal pole from out of the garage and stuck it in the ground. When he called his Dad outside, he told Flykachu to sit on the pole. To his Dad’s amazement, the pole glowed and the ground around it went black. However, dad still didn’t believe him.

His next idea was to take Dad up into the attic and show him Flykachu’s glowing body. So he took Dad upstairs and showed him Flykachu. But, again, Dad just thought that it was a light.

Tom didn’t know what to do? So, he went to his secret hideout (a small wooden tree house, which was hidden in the biggest oak tree in the woods). He sat there, next to the Flykachu and thought. How can I convince my Dad to believe me? He wondered and wondered what to do. Eventually, he came to the conclusion that he would just tell his Dad.

So he went up to his Dad -who was making tea- and told him what he had been trying to tell him all day. “I really did see a Flykachu, Dad,” he said. “Alright Tom I believe you,” Dad replied. Tom pulled his Dad into a tight hug.

They lived together (with the Flykachu) for the rest of their lives and every night the three of them would sit in the tree house and watch the stars go by as another day came.

The Adventures of Squidgy and Squirt

Thursday, July 17th, 2014

Squidgy and Squirt lived in an old tattered caravan just off the coast of Canada. There was nothing unusual about them- apart from the fact they were both monkeys. Every day they went out and searched for some juicy bananas to eat. But, they were getting very short of bananas.

One day they were out searching when Squidgy spotted something. “Look! What’s that!” he exclaimed. In the distance,  there was a glowing light reflecting of Banana Mountain (it was called this because it looked unusually like a banana) like a mirror.

They ventured towards it like a tiger stalking it’s prey. When they got close enough, Squirt spotted a small door that only monkeys could fit through. “Let’s go in,” Squirt whispered in a low toned voice. “No we can’t. It’s too dangerous!” They kept on arguing for a few minutes. But, to save your ears, I kept it short.

Once they had gone in, it became very dark and they could hardly see. Squirt felt along the floor and found a torch. They saw, along the corridor, a great oak door and ,like Indiana Jones would do, they headed towards it to see what was behind. When they got there, they saw a glow coming from behind.

Behind the door was a huge room which was full of bananas. “That’s why it’s called banana mountain!” Squirt exclaimed. Squidgy and Squirt both jumped up and down with happiness and then they saw it. But, sitting temptingly in the middle of all the bananas was a golden banana. It was the most beautiful thing that they had ever seen. They both went for it at once and after a long fight they agreed to half it and they each had a piece each.

When they got back they knew that they didn’t have to worry anymore about getting bananas because every week they could go back to the mountain to get more.

An Icy Adventure: Chapter 1

Wednesday, June 4th, 2014

An Icy Adventure

Chapter 1

I felt a cold breeze coming through the open window. This usually happened, especially in the winter mornings. I slowly opened my eyes only to see my cat, Winter, on my bed. I have never liked that cat ever since it vomited on my model ship. When Katlin had brought her home from the brambles, she begged and begged me to let us keep her. I had to say yes; otherwise she would never like me.

I quietly slipped out of bed and trundled into the bathroom so I could brush my teeth. Our bathroom was small and cramped, but it did its job. I took my old toothbrush from its handle and brushed my teeth. I quickly glanced at the clock. It was half past six! This was not good! I was meeting Jake at 7! I dropped my toothbrush, cleaned my mouth and quickly dashed over to my wardrobe.

Luckily I could find my favourite T-shirt: the green stripy one. Once I had my clothes on, I scribbled out a note and laid it next to my sister Katlin, who was asleep, so she would know where I was. I opened the door and tiptoed out. I gazed around me. Every single one of the houses was covered in snow. I was tempted to clear all the doors, but I didn’t have time.

I swiftly walked down the pathway to the main road. You couldn’t even tell that it was a road, due to the snow. Them, I heard loud gunfire coming from behind me. I put on my coat’s hood and started to run. Whatever this gunfire was, I didn’t want to be caught in it!

Suddenly, snow began to fall and it was getting in my eyes, but I continued, determined to meet Jake. I ran and ran until I was out of breath, then I heard more gunfire. Now, I was really scared! I continued to run and run, even though I couldn’t see where I was going. Then, I heard a slight shuffle behind me.

I glanced behind my back, to make sure no-one was following me. Then, I looked in front of myself. I saw the massive ice Temple. I was cold, so I shivered slightly, and walked inside. I heard running water coming from the cliff next to me. I gazed around in wonder. Cautiously, I continued walking forward, hoping I wouldn’t stand on any weak bits of ice.

My friend, who is called Jake, was supposed to be meeting me just inside the temple but he wasn’t there. I looked down the path. There was nothing but a small black dot.  I started to walk closer to investigate!

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