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The Delicous Pink Candy House!

Sunday, May 11th, 2014

In candy village it is always sunny, epically on Saturdays. Candy village is a small place to live in, but it’s always full of excitement and adventures! As you can image, the village was made of candy and sweets. Today, was one of those  wildly sunny days.  So, I went for a walk around Marshmallow Meadow,  with company from my golden puppy ( Coco) . As we strolled lazily through the lollipop, sweetie covered meadow, I spotted a glimce of shiny pink, strawberry laces, attached to a beautiful house, taking it’s place as vines. Coco and I ran as fast as we could to the house. It was absolutely amazing. It was made of light fluffy sponge cake, with white chocolate buttons on the roof for tiles. It was decorated with strawberry laces, and marshmallows. Not only that, but in the garden there was a long flowing river, made out of cherryade, surrounded by incredibly tall candy floss trees. Flower beds everywhere filled with miniature lollipops, taking the flowers place. The whole place was a candy palace, seeing as it was made entirely out of sugar filled treats. I was so intrigued by this house, I just had to go in. I opened the front door, which was made of sugar pencils, and instantly saw a fluffy marshmallow floor. I stepped in the house a little more,  and realised that above me was a hand made candy cane chandelier, lighting up the whole room. The kitchen was incredible, so nice you’d think it was part of a dream. It had pink cupboards, completed with sugar cube handles. It also had a huge island made of small candy canes all stuck together, to create a master kitchen. The upstairs was a fantasy. Every room had it’s own unique style: room one had a candy floss theme, the other had  a marshmallow theme. Oh, and the other, it was delicious, it was made with all different types of sweets: sugar canes, sponge cake and lollipops. By the time I’d finished looking round the entire house it was  haft past two, that meant I’d been here for 4 hours and a half. I must get back now, and tell the candy villagers what a wonderful time I had exploring this mystery house in the middle of Marshmallow Meadow!

A Little Challenge

Thursday, May 8th, 2014

Here is a little challenge for you all. First of all, the challenge is to write a short paragraph with each word of that paragraph only beginning with ONE letter. You can choose your own letter from the alphabet, then you’re done.

If you don’t understand the challenge, here is an example of what to do:  The terrific Tractor told the tall Tiger the terrifying tale, then the Tiger told the trees that terrifying tale! 😀 As you can see all the words began with T, you can do that, but with another letter.

See if you can do something like that.

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